Karma House Clinic has an ideal location just outside Aylesbury and is staffed by friendly and professional personnel. From the moment you first make contact with our team, either by telephone or email, you will know that you will be getting only the best service during your chosen procedure.  All staff at our Clinic are qualified professionals and no matter what sort of treatment you are having you will be guided through the process every step of the way so you never feel as though you are on your own.

Who runs the Clinic?

The Clinic was established by renowned Micropigmentation Specialist Caron Vetter. Caron has been working in her chosen field for over 25 years and has worked closely with a number of top plastic surgeons during that time.  She became one of the first to specialise in procedures such as areola restoration and medical tattooing and is highly respected.  Not only does Caron practice her tattooing from Karma House but she teaches nurses both privately and within the NHS the art of areola restoration.

What treatments do we offer?

We offer a wide range of treatments at the Clinic. Some patients come here to hold back the signs of ageing while others need help with skin conditions they are struggling to resolve themselves. Every patient that comes to us is different and is treated as an individual.  At Karma House Clinic there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. All patients undergo an initial consultation and no procedure is carried out without information on the patient’s medical history. This is an essential part of our process as we always want to be sure that the treatment being given is right for that particular patient.

Follow-up appointments and reviews are always available and in some cases they are essential.  We place as much emphasis on aftercare as we do on the initial procedure.  Patients who follow our advice following their treatments recover very well and enjoy the results that have been achieved. Being able to feel better about yourself is important and these days there are many procedures which can be carried out very quickly which will make a huge difference to your daily life.

Aesthetic procedures are no longer something that are reserved for the fabulously wealthy, you can feel good about yourself without spending a lot of money.  It is also the case that many of these procedures carry very little or no down time and this is something that many of our patients are looking for.

Recent advances in this type of treatment have ensured that these treatments no longer carry the risks that they used to and we are happy to say that Karma House Clinic offers the most up to date treatments and technologies available. At every stage of the process you are encouraged to ask us questions and put your mind at rest about what is happening.  You should never undergo a treatment if you do not fully understand it. Getting the results that you are looking for is now easier than ever and we are here to help you to achieve that.