anti-wrinkle treatment in AylesburyAs a general rule, you can expect the anti-wrinkle treatment to last anything between three and six months. Most people will notice that they have some muscle movement returning a couple of weeks after their anti wrinkle injections, and this is one of the reasons for having a return appointment after 14 days – so that the effectiveness of your anti-wrinkle treatment can be assessed and adjusted if necessary.

You will need to consider individual factors when thinking about anti-wrinkle injections. Everyone’s body will repair itself differently. The toxin which is used as part of the anti-wrinkle treatment also known as anti wrinkle injections will work by blocking the signals which go from the nerves to the muscles. A good recovery rate within the body means that it could begin to right this natural signal much sooner and the muscle will begin to work again before the average repair time. It will also depend on the muscles which have been treated. Some are naturally stronger than others so these will be able to repair themselves a lot faster and be more resistant to the treatment.

How often should I have the anti-wrinkle treatment also known as anti wrinkle injections?

The main thing to be aware of is that regular anti wrinkle injections are a far better option than just having one treatment then not bothering again. One recommendation is to have four anti-wrinkle treatments in your first year – one every three months – and then after that you may be able to have your anti wrinkle injections every six months instead as the muscles become a little weaker and you will notice that the effects of each anti-wrinkle treatment lasts a little longer, but our team will be on hand to discuss this with you at your initial appointment.

Anti-wrinkle treatment also known as muscle relaxing injections – are there any side effects?

It should be noted that when you are having the anti-wrinkle treatment there may be some bruising afterwards but our experienced registered nurse will ensure that you have all the knowledge that you need to minimise this. One of our tips is to avoid having any alcohol for at least 24 hours after your anti-wrinkle treatment as this can increase the risk of bruising to the skin. You can usually go about your daily business following your anti-wrinkle treatment but we advise that there are some activities that should be avoided. These include going to the gym or undertaking any type of strenuous exercise immediately after your anti wrinkle injections.

This is a very popular anti-wrinkle treatment for holding back the signs of ageing and it should only be carried out by medically qualified professionals. Our resident registered prescribing nurse carries out all injectable treatments at Karma House Clinic so you will be in safe hands at all times and they will be able to address any concerns that you have. Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury offers a wide range of treatments including deep wrinkle treatment and peels, all of which are designed to give you the confidence boost that you are looking for so why not talk to us about this when you come for your anti-wrinkle treatment?