anti-wrinkle treatments, anti-ageingWhen you have the anti-wrinkle treatments, our experienced registered prescribing nurse will explain how long you can expect the effects of the treatment to last. For most people it lasts between three and six months, but this does vary as there are plenty of individual factors to be taken into consideration, such as how often the muscle is used and your own ability to heal. Those who have regular anti-wrinkle treatments will begin to notice that they do not need to have them carried out so often – your muscles relax naturally and the effects of the injections will last longer.

You should also not be put off by how long the results take to show after your anti-wrinkle treatments. There is not an immediate change as the skin and muscles need time to settle. It could be as little as two days before you see any effect from your anti-ageing treatment but it could be as many as five. In any case, the maximum result will be visible after two weeks.

What happens if I stop my anti-wrinkle treatments?

So what happens if you stop your anti-wrinkle treatments? Our team of experts will explain to you that your wrinkles and lines will begin to come back and eventually your skin will look as it did before you began the anti-ageing treatment. However, if you have been having the treatments for a few years, then it may be some time before you notice the skin return to its original state.

Our team of friendly professionals will be able to explain all this to you when you come in for your initial consultation. Your Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber will discuss every aspect of this anti-ageing treatment and aftercare as well as gather the information that we need to make sure that the treatment you are having is the right one for you. The consultation is essential and there will be a follow-up appointment after your treatment so that we can follow your progress and make sure that you are on track for the results that you want.

Who will be carrying out my anti-wrinkle treatments?

Choosing Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury for this type of anti-aging treatment means that you are in safe hands throughout your treatment. The anti-wrinkle treatments are administered by a registered prescribing nurse with support from our team of experienced professionals.

Of course, we can also help you with other treatments for anti-ageing and we are happy to give you any information that you need at any time. So If you do decide on the anti-wrinkle treatments then come and talk to our dedicated team for all the information you need to make the right decision for you at Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury.