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Before and After Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, frowning and relaxed


Some of our patients have the muscle relaxing injections slightly above the brow area to achieve an effect which is similar to a face lift as well as using anti-wrinkle treatments to deal with common problems such as crow’s feet and wrinkles. Our expert team can discuss all your concerns with you and advise you accordingly.

You might be surprised at just how often the facial muscles are used and it is this that leads to the creasing which begins to age the skin. There is also a reduction in the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin which reduces the skin’s ability to ‘spring’ back. As we cannot walk around keeping our faces motionless, wrinkles are inevitable, but this is where the muscle relaxing injections comes in handy! The muscle relaxing injections are inserted very carefully into the right muscles so that not all muscles are inactivated and those around the treated muscles will still be able to move normally. This should enable you to continue using the same facial expressions, but you will be left with fewer wrinkles as you do! The muscles will remain inactivated for several months but will gradually come back into use over time as the effects of the muscle relaxing injections wear off.

Anti-wrinkle treatments also known as muscle relaxing injections – what are the first steps?

During your initial consultation for muscle relaxing injections, we will help you to plan your treatment and discuss any medical issues that you may have. We will also assess your face and ask you to make various facial expressions – not just for fun but so we can determine where the muscle relaxing injections should go!

We do ask you to do a bit of paperwork for us before you have the treatment but this does not take long and we will be on hand to help. We only use a small needle for the treatment, keeping discomfort and pain to a minimum.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments also known as muscle relaxing injections – Results

Following your muscle relaxing injections you may find that you do not notice much change for a few days while things take time to settle and the skin recovers but this is not something to worry about. We will review progress with you after a couple of weeks and show you how you can care for your skin.

It should be noted that as you have further anti-wrinkle treatments every few months the muscles will get used to it and the wrinkles will not reappear as quickly. While you are with us why not take advantage of some of our other anti-aging treatments? You could have laser hair removal or vein therapy alongside the muscle relaxing injections so why not talk to us about what else we can do to help you achieve the look that you want?