Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi Permanent Makeup, AylesburyCosmetic tattooing is not a decision that you will take lightly but you are in safe hands at Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury. You may have already heard of cosmetic tattooing, often referred to as semi permanent makeup, using pigments implanted into the skin.  It can be used both for cosmetic tattooing and medical tattooing purposes as needed. Caron Vetter is our Micropigmentation Specialist and Clinic Director of Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury. She trained in America and has been carrying out micropigmentation procedures for over 20 years, and also teaches the art of micropigmentation in the medical field to hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

Cosmetic tattooing – how does it work?

Our system for this procedure makes use of a micropigmentation machine which leaves the pigments within the skin.  This is done in a similar way to ordinary tattoos but the difference is that ordinary tattooing is done with inks, making them permanent. Caron is able to help restore your confidence by creating features such as  defined eyebrows, create semi permanent makeup including eye-liner or possibly disguise problem areas. Some of our clients turn to us if they have had problems due to a medical condition such as cancer treatment or alopecia. When having an eyebrow created, for example, the pigmentation is implanted carefully in the form of individual hairs so that they have a more natural look.

Caron will advise that you will need to have more than one treatment when opting for cosmetic tattooing. The second treatment takes place between four and six weeks after the first.  This is because the first treatment will settle and about 50% of the colour will sink down into the skin, fading slightly. The same procedure is conducted at the second treatment as the first and this is the layer of pigment that will remain visible.

If you have any concerns about cosmetic tattooing then our friendly and professional team will be able to guide you through the process. You should allow an hour for treatments but this does vary according to individual needs. You should note that the treatment is not painful but you may experience some discomfort and Caron will do everything possible to make the procedure comfortable for you.

Cosmetic tattooing  – what aftercare is required?

Caron will talk you through the aftercare that you will need following semi permanent makeup. You may notice that the colour is very dark to begin with and it will remain like this for several days. The affected area should not be touched for at least 48 hours after the cosmetic tattooing has taken place and you should take care not to get it wet either. A crust will develop and the area will go dry.  We will give you Vaseline to apply to the crust but you should not pick the crust off as this will remove some of the pigment.

Our Karma House Clinic Director Caron is an expert in micropigmentation and is highly respected in the field so you should have no concerns about undergoing this type of treatment. You should not have the treatment close to any special occasions and should allow a week either side before attending social gatherings.  Our staff are on hand to assist you with planning your cosmetic tattooing treatments accordingly and are happy to help you with this as well as advise you on other treatments that you might want to consider at Karma House Clinic in Aylesbury.

Here is a short video clip from Micropigmentation Specialist Caron Vetter giving you further information on the process, how it works and what to expect.

Take a look at this short video of one of our previous clients telling us about their experience at the clinic and how this procedure has changed their life for the better.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.