Dermal fillers in Aylesbury – what are the side effects?

Dermal FillersEverybody wants to know if there are risks involved and the first thing we are often asked is whether there is any pain involved with dermal fillers.  Generally the answer is no, but this treatment involves an injection so you should be aware that there may be some discomfort.  However, we do everything that we can to minimise this.

Everyone is different, and side effects from dermal fillers do vary from person to person. Some people will notice that their skin is a little red and tender for a short while after the treatment.  For most people the side effects will subside in a matter of days.  There may be a little bruising to the skin but our team will explain that this could be prevented with the use of an arnica supplement in the days before the facial fillers are to be carried out.

Given that the skin may react slightly to the treatment it is advised that you should not have it carried out immediately before a special event or occasion.  Instead you should have it done at least 14 days beforehand to give the bruising the chance to subside.  Not everyone experiences bruising but it is better to be prepared.

If you have any concerns about severe side effects regarding your facial fillers then you should note that these are extremely rare.  Infection and granuloma are possibilities although these risks are minimised by having the treatment carried out correctly and following the advice given by our experienced registered prescribing nurse.

Dermal fillers in Aylesbury – how long does it last?

You should be aware that the treatment does have a varied lifespan, depending upon the type of facial fillers that are used and the area that is being treated.  For example, having the treatment near the mouth or lip fillers – an area of the face which is used a great deal – will mean the effects may not last as long as fillers injected into the cheeks for example.  Our team will make you aware of this at your initial consultation along with all the other information that you need.

Take care of your skin after treatment and you will find that the benefits should last a little longer.  Avoid wearing make-up for at least 12 hours afterwards and protect the skin from extremes such as heat and cold.  If you do need to be out in the sun, then ensure that you use a high SPF to protect the skin.

Our dermal fillers could be the solution that you are looking for so give us a call to find out more. 

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.