Dermal fillers – what should you tell us?

Dermal FillersCosmetic fillers is an injection-based treatment and therefore you should be aware that you will have to supply information on your medical history when you come in for your initial consultation.  This is so that our staff can ensure that there are no additional risks to your health by opting for dermal fillers.  We can also determine if our treatment is going to cause a problem for an existing condition.  It is not common for this to happen but everything needs to be taken into consideration.  For example, those who regularly suffer from cold sores may be advised to have some medication on standby as dermal fillers could trigger the virus in certain situations.

While it sounds like a complicated treatment, there is no need to set aside hours for cosmetic fillers to be carried out.  Our professional team can normally complete your treatment in around an hour.  Time is allowed for other steps such as the application of the local anaesthetic that is used to numb the area to be treated and prevent any unnecessary twinges.

Dermal fillers – what information will we give you?

Our professional team will be able to inform you about any side effects that you may experience, how to care for your skin after your cosmetic fillers and how often you should return for repeat treatments.  This is not a procedure that you need to have redone each month.  Even though the effects are temporary, some people may find that they do not have to have it redone for at least 18 months.  Others may find that they need further dermal fillers after six months.  This depends on a number of factors including the individual, the skin type, the area that is being treated and the type of cosmetic fillers that are being used, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  The advice that we give you is tailored specifically for you and no-one else.

It should be noted that some treatments are in areas that are used more than others, so lines around the mouth, for example, may need to be refilled more often as the mouth is used considerably more so than other areas.

Any decisions about your dermal fillers treatment ultimately rest with you, we are here to advise you and you can ask us anything about the process of dermal fillers.  We do not allow our clients to undergo any treatment that they do not fully understand or need and for us, the aftercare is just as important as the treatment itself.  Taking the right care of your skin and following our tips can help to prolong the life of your dermal fillers treatment so that repeat treatments will not need to be carried out as often.

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*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.