IPL (intense pulsed light) for Pigmentation, Aylesbury

Those who have skin discolouration issues might want to consider “Intense Pulsed Light” (IPL) for pigmentation. Here at Karma House in Aylesbury we use IPL to treat a variety of skin issues including pigmentation, rosacea and improving overall skin tone. Dealing with discolouration such as age spots is something that our team of professional and experienced practitioners do regularly, so you are in safe hands from the moment you arrive here.

IPL (intense pulsed light) for pigmentation  – how does it work?

The high-tech IPL machine used for pigmentation sends out a small wavelength light, directed through a crystal sapphire head. This light is sent into the depths of the skin until it reaches the subcutaneous layer. This ability to reach far into the skin is what makes this treatment so innovative. It can deal with veins as well as pigmentation.

The IPL machine has different settings which can be used to tackle different types of problems. For those using IPL for pigmentation, results can be seen in as little as 1 session although some people may need to have up to 3. The darker the pigmentation the more quickly the results are noticeable as the dark spots on the skin more readily absorb the light from the IPL machine. The light can break up the pigmentation and this disperses it from the skin, giving you the fresher and younger looking skin that you want!

IPL (intense pulsed light) for pigmentation  – what should I expect?

IPL for pigmentation is very straightforward and if you have any concerns about it being painful, our team will be able to put your mind at rest. You may feel a pinching sensation during the procedure but there is a cooling system for the treatment so this will never become unbearable. The skin is cooled before the light is emitted.

When the treatment is completed there may be a slight stinging sensation on the skin and for a few days afterwards the pigmentation may seem to be darker. Our team will advise you on how to deal with this, but it is important that you do not try to remove the pigmentation yourself. Within a few weeks the pigmentation will break down naturally and it will leave clear skin behind.

Our team of professional practitioners know that it is important that you care for your skin after treatment and are on hand to give you all the information and advice you need. Following their guidelines can maximise the results that you achieve. Ensure that your skin is not exposed to sunlight. Having IPL for pigmentation can leave the skin a little more sensitive and you need to wear a strong SPF (at least 30) for maximum protection. Using sun block can also reduce the possibility that more pigmentation will form.

The formation of pigmentation on the skin can leave your confidence feeling very low but with treatments such as this on offer there is no need to feel that way. Come in and talk to our professional team about the options that are available to you and we can help to boost your self esteem. Karma House in Aylesbury has a range of other treatments which are designed to help you to achieve the look that you want so while you are here why not talk to us about treatments designed to deal with the first signs of ageing? Some treatments can be carried out alongside each other so it may be that you can have another treatment alongside your IPL for pigmentation.

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*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.