For some, medical tattooing is an essential part of the recovery process from illness. Here at Karma House we offer procedures carried out by some of the world’s top experts in this field. This procedure places pigments within the skin, specifically for medical reasons.  Some people may want a scar camouflaged or will make use of the procedure for areola restoration.  It can also be used to create features such as eyebrows if these have been lost for any reason including as a result from chemotherapy treatment or a condition such as Alopecia.  Whatever your needs, we are on hand to make sure that you have the right procedure and achieve the desired results.

Medical tattooing in Aylesbury – how does this work?

We use an innovative machine for micropigmentation and the pigment is left within the skin in a similar way to standard tattoos.  Medical tattooing is actually a semi-permanent procedure using pigments, rather than the permanent effect using ink that you would get with a standard tattoo.

If you opt for medical tattooing, our expert staff will be able to give you all the information that you need on the benefits of this procedure.  It is a popular procedure for those who have undergone treatment for breast cancer and who have had reconstruction surgery.  The use of medical tattooing for areola restoration is the last step in the treatment and can help to bring back some of the confidence which drains away during the breast cancer treatment. Our team can support you every step of the way.

Medical tattooing in Aylesbury – how long does it take?

Our medical tattooing expert, Caron Vetter, will explain that you will need to have two treatments, with the second one taking place between four and six weeks after the first.   This is necessary because the first treatment will settle and about 50% of the colour will sink down into the skin fading slightly.  The second treatment leaves a very visible layer of colouring.  At first the treated area will seem to be very dark but this will fade over a few weeks and once the second treatment settles it will be the required shade.

Our friendly and experienced team will explain how to take care of the skin following the treatment, with advice such as not getting the affected area wet.  The treated patch of skin will create a ‘crust’ and dry.  Caron will give you Vaseline to apply to the skin for a specified period of time following your treatment to stop the skin from drying out too much.  The ‘crust’ will need to be left alone as if it comes off too soon, it will bring the pigmentation off too. As you naturally lose around 50% of the pigment after the first treatment this could dramatically affect the end result.

So how long does it take?  You can expect each treatment to take around one hour and the second treatment should be no sooner than a month after the first.  It is not a painful procedure although we will advise you that it may cause some discomfort.  Our priority is to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you and we use anaesthetic creams to reduce the possibility of discomfort.

Caron Vetter is our Micropigmentation Specialist and Clinic Director. She trained in America, and has been carrying out micropigmentation procedures for over 20 years, and now teaches the art of micropigmentation in the medical field to hospitals in the UK and Ireland. She has established a relaxing and supportive environment for our clients.  After having treatment for cancer and other conditions, our treatments can help to give our clients back their confidence, so why not talk to us about other treatments which can be used as well as medical tattooing to give your self-esteem the boost that it needs?

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.