Mole removal in Aylesbury – what are the different mole types?

Mole RemovalIt is important to understand the different types of moles.  The first type is the non-malignant type.  The second type is cancerous lesions.  The appearance of every mole is slightly different but most moles will be brown, pink or a tan colour.  They also vary in size and some people will have raised moles and others will have flat ones. It is common for people to get more moles as they get older.  They can grow to a fairly large size and may resemble brown drops on the skin.  You may be unsure about the type that you have but our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon can help you to identify your type.

Most people will have the non-malignant type of mole.  These are often brown, flat and larger than other moles.  However, you also need to look out for other skin features such as sunspots, thickened skin and keratoses.  Any benign mole can easily be removed and it is better to have it done sooner rather than later as they are easier to remove when they are smaller.  Some of these terms may seem confusing but our team can explain anything that you are unsure of.

It is estimated that the average person has around 7 moles on their body and these can be in the form of skin lesions as well.  It is possible for skin cancer to develop in a mole that you have had for a while but this is actually quite rare so try not to worry too much.   However, as a general rule we suggest that if you are in any doubt, get it checked out!

Mole removal in Aylesbury – what are the common risks with moles?

Our Surgeon will be able to discuss all the risks with you when it comes to moles.   One of the most common forms of skin cancer is melanoma and this is quite dangerous.   Our team will also be able to explain how to monitor your moles so that you can spot any changes straight away.  If a new mole suddenly appears this means that you may have an excess of the cells which lead to tanning.  These are called melanocytes and this can in turn lead to skin cancer.  

Generally speaking, most people will find that their moles are harmless but for peace of mind come and talk to us.  It is not possible for you to diagnose whether you are in danger from skin cancer and moles but if you seek a professional opinion you can have it dealt with in next to no time and we’re happy to advise you further on this.    

This type of treatment can also be a cosmetic treatment as well as a medical one.  Many people choose to have moles removed if they feel that they are damaging their looks.  Whatever your reasons for choosing this procedure, our friendly team is on hand to guide you and help you to achieve the results that you want.  We offer a whole range of treatments designed to help you to feel better about yourself and mole removal is just one of these, so make an appointment to meet with our consultant for professional advice and treatment.