Mole removal in Aylesbury – what do you need to know?

Mole RemovalNot all moles are the same and when you come to Whitethorn Fields for mole removal, our experienced surgeon will be able to tell you about the different types of moles and lesions that can appear on the skin and the problems that they lead to. Many people think that mole removal is just for those moles which have become cancerous but this is not the case. Having a mole removed as a preventative measure can also be done as this reduces the chance of developing skin cancer at another time.

When undergoing the process for mole removal, our medical professionals will explain to you exactly how the procedure is to be carried out. In some cases the mole will have to be surgically removed and the wound bound together with stitches which are removed at a later date. This is normally the case where the mole or lesion has gone very deep into the layers of the skin.  However, there are plenty of moles which sit on the surface of the skin and which can be removed with a process called curettage. This uses a tool called a curette and the mole or lesion is literally scraped from the skin, allowing for faster healing times than for surgery, but in both cases you need to follow our expert recovery advice for the best results.

Our aftercare advice will help you to heal and advise you on what to do for other moles and lesions in the future. We will also show you how to protect your skin in the future.  One of our tips is to always use sun block.  Our friendly and professional experts will explain the damaging properties of the sun and how sun screen can protect you from future problems. You will need to attend follow-up appointments so that your particular situation can be monitored properly and we can be sure that the treatment was a success.

Mole removal in Aylesbury – why is it important?

Opting for mole removal is important for many people. A mole can be very disfiguring, depending on where on the body it is located. Having it removed can help regain some of the confidence that has been lost as a result. Moles should also be checked for health reasons and removed if there is any reason to believe that they will cause problems in the future.

The first stage of the process is for you to undergo an initial consultation with our Consultant Plastic Surgeon. We will assess the situation and ensure that we have all the information that we need on your medical history so that you can be given the correct advice. This initial consultation is very important as it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have about moles, the procedure and the aftercare. For example, you may want to know about the different anesthetics involved and how your body might react to them. You may have questions about pain control after the procedure or how you can protect yourself from this happening again. We are happy to help you with anything that you need to know.

With many other treatments available, you can easily get your confidence back with the help of our professionals at Whitethorn. Mole removal will just be the first stage in ensuring your good health and well-being.