Mole removal in Aylesbury – what is the process?

Mole RemovalMany moles and lesions need to be removed by surgery, but some lesions may sit on the surface of the skin and if this is the case with you, we can remove them with a process known as curettage.  This involves a surgical tool called a curette.  Anaesthetic is applied to the skin by our experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon and the curette is used to scoop the mole out of the skin.  This type of procedure is one that is regularly carried out by our team of professionals and it is used where possible as the skin has a better chance of regenerating afterwards.   

Curettage is ideal for benign and non-cancerous lesions on the skin’s surface.  Surgical procedures will be needed for anything that goes any deeper but your initial consultation with our surgeon will assess the type of procedure that you need and we can make all the arrangements for your treatment.    

Mole removal in Aylesbury – what about aftercare?

Once the surgery for mole removal is completed, the mole is checked and analysed and care is taken to make sure that the surrounding tissues have not been affected.  You will undergo checks with our surgeon to ensure that the whole of the mole or lesion has been removed.   It is also common for a diagnostic excision to be carried out so that the cause of the lesion can be checked.  This is essential in the case of a lesion that is malignant so that the right treatment can be given and steps can be taken to prevent the cancer from spreading to other tissues.  A process like this is essential for your peace of mind.

If there is a need for reconstruction, we will also explain the process involved.  Where a large mole has been removed reconstruction may be required but you should not worry about this as it is also a routine procedure.  Our surgeon is very experienced in reconstruction work and will work with you to make sure that the end result is what you want and need.  

For our clients who are undergoing mole removal, we work hard to ensure that you are aware of the process every step of the way as this can be a difficult time and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.  Advice on aftercare will be given and you will be monitored to make sure that your recovery progresses as it should.  Take care to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.  If you have any questions during or after the procedure our team are on hand to make sure that you have all the information that you need.

Karma House is renowned for the quality of its service and the range of treatments that it offers.  Some of our clients opt for other treatments to boost their confidence such as the hydropeptide facial.  Having mole removal treatment can be very draining so why not talk to us about how we can help you to get back your self-esteem and leave those worries behind?