Obagi Medical Skin Care, AylesburyObagi Medical Skin Care is a whole system of treatments which have been designed by experts from among the leading names in the skin care field. Used all over the world by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skin care professionals, they can offer solutions to problems such as acne, sun damage and the early signs of ageing.

Obagi Medical Skin Care – what is it?

The aim of the Obagi Medical Skin Care system is to repair damaged skin and improve the cellular turnover. The transformation on the surface of the skin comes about as a direct result of the transformation that takes place in the deeper layers of the skin using Obagi.

So what treatments are available as part of the Obagi Medical Skin Care system? The first is Obagi NuDerm. This is a treatment that can be used for all skin types and has been designed to help combat the first signs of ageing and troubled skin. This is a prescription only system and each client receives a bespoke treatment package following a complete consultation. Our professional team will monitor your progress with Obagi and future treatments can be tailored according to your requirements.

For skin that is troubled with acne, Obagi Medical Medical Skin Care have developed the Obagi CLENZIderm treatment. Acne is a common problem and traditional treatments are often not effective, but the new Obagi CLENZIderm system will tackle it on a deeper level. Most clients will see an improvement in their skin within just seven days, although the programme is designed to run for several weeks. We will tailor the programme to meet your individual needs.

The Obagi Medical Skin Care system also includes the Obagi Rosaclear for those who suffer from redness of the skin. The appearance of the skin can be calmed as well as soothed with the Obagi Rosaclear products, helping with a more balanced complexion. The system is an everyday skincare regime to be used at home and its’ therapeutic benefits protect the skin from further damage and redness.

Obagi Medical Skin Care – how does it work?

The Obagi Medical Skin Care system is an ongoing treatment programme that is designed for you to use at home. Following an initial consultation, our skin care professionals will provide you with an Obagi starter kit and you can purchase further products as and when you need them. For many people, the treatment will cover an initial 18 weeks, but this does vary for everyone who uses the Obagi system and we will be able to advise you further when you have your initial chat with us. We will follow your progress, having regular check-up appointments and making adjustments to the programme if they are needed. The initial consultation is free of charge and our Aesthetic Nurse will give you all the information you need as well as make recommendations on treatments.

We also offer other treatments to help you get that all-important confidence boost. Why not consider a treatment such as vein therapy? To find out more why not come and have a chat with us and find out if Obagi Medical Skin Care treatments are for you.

Take a look at this short video clip explaining how the Obagi skin care system works.

*Results will vary from person to person and a thorough in-depth consultation will first take place.