Cosmetic Tattooing

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Cosmetic Tattooing at Karma House, AylesburyOf all the options with cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent eyebrows are one of the most popular procedures carried out at Karma House in Aylesbury. …Read More

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Cosmetic Tattooing, AylesburyEvery woman has at some point in time wondered about taking short-cuts with their make-up and solutions such as semi-permanent eyeliner have come along in response to this. Putting on make-up each morning can be time consuming and messy. …Read More

Semi Permanent Lip Liner

Cosmetic Tattooing in Aylesbury UKWe have a highly experienced professionally trained micropigmentation specialist with over 20 years experience who can carry out this procedure to give you the look that you want. If you often wear the same shade of lip colour then semi-permanent lip liner is something that you should consider. …Read More

Medical Tattooing

Areola Restoration

Medical Tattooing at Karma House, Aylesbury Those who have had surgery for breast cancer may be considering treatment for areola restoration.  At Karma House in Aylesbury we have a qualified and experienced professional who can help with the issues surrounding this type of treatment. …Read More

Scar Camouflage

Medical Tattooing AylesburyScarring of the skin is one of the most confidence-sapping issues that people may face but here at Karma House in Aylesbury we offer scar camouflage treatments that can transform your life. …Read More

Cleft Lip

Medical Tattooing Aylesbury UKWe understand that living with scars can be difficult and cleft lip scars are often noticed quickly by others, however, here at Karma House …Read More