Acne Treatment

Acne affects 95% of people at some point in their life. Some cases can be so severe that it can have a negative impact on things like confidence and self-esteem. Here at Karma House Clinic we have scientific solutions to help treat acne from the outside in, with advice on other causing factors and how to manage these.

Acne Treatment: Initial Consultation

The first most important thing when treating acne prone skin is to understand the cause of acne and what the skin is doing. By giving our clients a complete understanding on how acne works and what the skin is doing, as well as how internal factors play a part, we can really start to work together in treating acne.

At your initial consultation your Aesthetic Practitioner will go through all of the acne treatments on offer and will advise on the best course of action for you as an individual. This takes everything into account including the type of acne and the budget. There are options for everybody and your practitioner will help you get the results you are looking for.

Acne Treatment: What is involved?

Treating acne can be a course of one treatment, or a combination of different treatments. This will always include some recommended home-use skin care products, as the importance of looking after your skin outside of the clinic will be explained to you. Some of the treatments used for treating acne skins include skin peels and IPL (intense pulsed light).

All skin peels are targeted to treat the individual and will be tailor made to treat the acne problem it is presented with. Skin peels for acne are available in a variety of different strengths, from mild to strong. Not all skin peels come with down time and your options will be discussed with you prior to treatment.

IPL (intense pulsed light) can treat acne and will greatly improve the skins overall appearance. IPL can reduce your acne, while at the same time treating the redness and inflammation of the skin.

Acne Treatment: Home-Use Skincare

Acne can be treated in-clinic, but this will always need to be supported at home. It is no good investing in your in-clinic treatments without supporting them at home. Acne can be a long-term problem that needs managing everyday to ensure your results are maintained and your skin is kept clear and healthy.

With the use of some medical grade skin care products where science is at the base of everything, you can often treat and maintain acne without the need for in-clinic treatments.

To learn how we can help you treat your acne and achieve clear and healthy skin book in for your Free Consultation today with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners.

Acne Treatment
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