Surgical Dermatology with Dr Ravi Ratnavel

Renowned dermatologist, Dr Ravi Ratnavel runs the surgical dermatology clinic at Karma House Clinic, providing professional examination and removal of unwanted skin lesions.
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Suspicious Mole
Basal Cell
Basal Cell

Getting Your Mole Removed At Karma House Clinic

Skin lesions include:

  • Moles
  • Cysts
  • Lipoma

Dr Ratnavel specialises in skin cancer treatment in line with all national guidelines and within a multi-disciplinary setting.

Removal and diagnosis of skin lesions can prove difficult. Although skin cancers are rare, any non-healing lesions that present signs of growth or change, should be examined by a professional and if required, referred onto a consultant dermatologist.

When attending Karma House Clinic’s surgical dermatology clinic, Dr Ratnavel will perform a complete medical assessment of your skin and presenting skin lesions. Any suspicious lesions can be surgically removed under local anaesthetic and sent for histological examination (pathology).

Benign and suspicious skin lesions are removed on a local anaesthetic surgical list at Karma House Clinic.

Dr Ravi Ratnavel

Dr Ratnavel is an expert medical professional skin cancer specialist, providing assessment and treatment of skin lesions, benign and suspicious.

Formerly within Buckinghamshire Hospital NHS Trust and posted as Honorary Consultant at Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust, Dr Ratnavel has worked as a Consultant Dermatologist for over 20 years. He has now moved to private practice within Karma House Clinic and other Buckinghamshire and London based clinics.

Services with Dr Ratnavel include treatment for skin cancer and other benign skin lesions. All removal of lesions are carried out under local anaesthetic.

A graduate of Oxford University, Dr Ratnavel underwent his clinical training at hospitals attached to London and Cambridge Universities and completed his dermatology training at the world-renowned St John’s Institute for Dermatology in London. With a special interest in the medical and surgical treatment of skin cancers, he has been the NHS clinical lead for the provision of skin cancer treatment services in the Buckinghamshire and Oxford region.

In 1996, Dr Ratnavel was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine by Oxford University and received accreditation by the General Medical Council as a Specialist in Dermatology. He became Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) in 2001.

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After devoting his career to working within the NHS, Dr Ratnavel now runs a busy clinical practice, working privately offering a comprehensive medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology clinic for patients of all ages. Dr Ratnavel holds all relevant certificates to see minors within his private practice.


The Process

All patients of Dr Ratnavel are seen first for consultation at a convenient time via video call. Thereafter skin surgery is scheduled as required and recommended by Dr Ratnavel and his medical team.

Appointments can be scheduled directly with his secretarial team by telephone or email.

To learn more or to arrange your Consultation please contact the clinic on:
01296 614441

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(Consultation price below is redeemed against cost of treatment)

Moles/Lesions from the neck down: £480 – Facial Moles/Lesions: £550

Mole Removal
Consultation: £150

Looking for mole removal or lesion removal procedures in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at
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