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If you are looking for answers to the age-old problem of excess hair then IPL hair removal at Aylesbury’s Karma House could be what you need. We offer a range of treatments designed to meet almost any requirement, beginning the hair removal process and eliminating it entirely over time. Our clinic makes use of the unique and innovative IPL M22 for great results with hair removal. Both men and women are suitable for this treatment and a chat with our friendly and helpful team will show just how you can benefit from IPL hair removal.

IPL Hair Removal: How Does It Work

Our expert practitioners will aim to destroy the hair follicle without causing any damage to the skin and tissues around it. The follicle is heated and the temperature effectively kills the follicle. It is normal to have concerns about this type of treatment and we are happy to answer any questions that you have. We will also carry out a patch test to be sure that the skin will not have an adverse reaction to the IPL hair removal treatment, giving you additional peace of mind.

How long each IPL hair removal treatment will take and how many treatments you need will vary from person to person. All our clients have different requirements, but our team can assess you and offer guidance. For small areas the hair removal treatment could be as short as 15 minutes.

While this is a relatively painless treatment you may experience some discomfort, although you can rest assured we will do everything we can to keep you comfortable. Our professional team are all fully trained and highly experienced, so you will be in safe hands from start to finish.

IPL Hair Removal Aftercare

Following IPL hair removal, proper aftercare is essential, as we want you to see the best results possible. Our expert team will explain to you how best to care for your skin. You may notice some initial redness but this will subside fairly quickly. One of our top tips is to apply Aloe Vera to the treated area to keep it cool and we will do this for you while you are with us, although you can do this yourself at home too.
Ipl Hair Removal

Further Considerations

The number of hair removal treatments that you will need will vary according to your hair type and the area being treated. It is not uncommon for hair to re-grow even if the follicle has been destroyed as hair growth is also affected by hormonal activity. A course of hair removal treatments will be required. IPL hair removal is a long-term solution for one of life’s annoying little problems, so let us help you to deal with it.
IPL Hair Removal
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